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Cast-A-Way's Mark At Sofia Cruise Job Fair.

April 03, 2024

On 2 February 2024, Cast-A-Way Cruise & Resort Hiring Agency made a resounding mark in the heart of Sofia, Bulgaria, at the prestigious Cruise Job Fair. This event wasn't just another date on the calendar; it was a pivotal moment for us. Our Global placement consultant, Patricia Zamalloa, represented Cast-A-Way with boundless enthusiasm, engaging with talented individuals eager to embark on exciting voyages.

For us, this fair was about more than recruitment; it was about forging relationships, fostering dreams, and igniting passions. Patricia's presence showcased our commitment to finding the brightest talents and placing them on the grand stages of the world's most magnificent cruise ships. She said:

Patricia Zamalloa at the Sofia Cruise Job Fair

"Sofia Cruise Job Fair was very organized and productive. The job fair staff was very helpful and answered all our questions. From the event itself, I had the chance to meet and greet several good candidates who have the potential to be hired for the cruise. Definitely, I will attend another event if I have the opportunity as I consider it one of the best channels to get great candidates to work in cruise lines."

As we navigated the sea of eager faces, we found not just candidates for a job but talented people who could change the hospitality experience to every corner of the globe.

The Sofia Cruise Job Fair reminded us of why we do what we do – to create unforgettable experiences, broaden horizons, and make dreams set sail.

The success of our presence at the Fair goes beyond numbers and statistics. It lies in the connections made, the dreams inspired, and the futures changed. We left Sofia with hearts full of gratitude, knowing that the seeds we planted will blossom into incredible journeys for both our new recruits and the passengers they will serve.

So, as we sail forward into the horizon of opportunities that lie ahead, let us carry the spirit of Sofia with us – a reminder of the incredible potential that awaits when passion meets purpose. Cast-A-Way Company will continue to be a beacon of excellence in the cruise industry.

Follow along to discover where Cast-A-Way is headed next. Don't miss out on the excitement and be a part of our journey towards even greater adventures.

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