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Cast-A-Way has been recruiting Talented Hospitality Staff since 1998. Our company's mission is to find the best candidates for our clients!

Sourcing out of a wide range of countries, we can offer a diversity of skillsets and languages to our hotels, resorts, cruise lines, retail stores, duty-free restaurant chains, and spa clients. 

Flight Attendants and Pilots, stay tuned! Coming soon: sourcing of quality candidates for Airlines too! 

With 25 years in business, our brand organically attracts candidates to apply to our database; word of mouth from our happy clients and candidates is a big part of our talent attraction strategy. 

Although we have a database of almost 100,000 candidates, we also source for specialized positions from our social media platforms, LinkedIn head hunting, and P.R. efforts when needed. 

We partner with critical schools and training institutions to promote the diverse range of positions we recruit for among their alum students and educate them to prepare for market trends and demands – they can always apply with us in the future!

Our Recruitment experts have real experience, and they have worked onboard. We are well-versed in what it takes for candidates to succeed in this industry. 


We offer: 

  • Advertising

  • Employment Validation

  • Reference Checks

  • Screening

  • Casting Auditions

  • Skills and Languages Assessments

  • Recruitment

  • Events Planning and Management



Onboarding Icon

Onboarding is critical in the cruising industry. The faster we can get staff ready to board, the better for our clients. 

Our local market knowledge, added by diplomatic connections in each country we operate, allows police checks, pre-employment medicals, and visas to be often expedited. 

We offer the support and customer service needed by crew members and staff to obtain all the documentation necessary, such as:

  • Passport application

  • Police Checks (standard or vulnerable)

  • Translation services

  • Affidavits

  • STCW validation 

  • PEME: Pre-Employment Medical Examination scheduling and confirmation

  • C1/D Visa application and other Visas as needed

  • Marine Fare or regular airline tickets quoting

  • Transfer arrangements, if needed

  • Liaison and coordination with the scheduling team

  • Admin support and additional services as required



Training Icon

Educating our candidates is very important to our team. We want all applicants to know precisely for what they are signing up! 

Every applicant gets a free workshop exposure about "Life and Work at Sea," explaining all they need to know to decide whether this career is for them! 

In addition, we offer a variety of online practical workshops through Cast-A-Way Academy. Our courses are optional, and candidates may choose to take them if they want to enhance their resume and knowledge.


Our team has developed courses specifically to prepare the candidates for SHIP LIFE reality. It is fast-paced, with very little time for on-the-job onboard training. Candidates are expected to be "ready" to deliver a first-class international hospitality experience to the guests once they get onboard. 

​All candidates that choose to take our courses receive a Cast-A-Way Academy Certificate. We are proud of our "first-class hospitality academy" that helps our candidates be successful in their career development onboard. 

We can also tailor courses to each client's in-person or online needs.

If you have a particular demand, let us know! Let us help you bring the best training to your team. 



Manning Icon

Some of our clients need only Talent Acquisition and Onboarding Services. Others want us to take care of their staff entirely!

Through our Manning Services, we can be an extension of your H.R. and Scheduling team, taking over all required to have your ships, restaurants, spas, and stores staffed effectively! We understand the critical importance of having the right personnel in place, and our dedicated team becomes an extension of your organization, ensuring effective staffing strategies are implemented seamlessly. By leveraging our expertise and resources, we handle all the necessary tasks, from recruitment and selection to training and deployment, enabling you to focus on core operations while ensuring your establishments are staffed optimally for success.

Ask us more about our Manning Services. Your "outsourced" H.R. is in good hands!



Payroll Icon

Let us know if you need help with paying your team. We will work on a solution that fits your needs best!

Our organization offers dedicated support in managing payroll and ensuring timely payments for your team. We understand the challenges that may arise and are committed to finding a tailored solution that fits your needs. Our experienced team will assess your current processes, provide expert guidance, and implement innovative solutions to streamline payroll operations, enhance accuracy, and improve financial transparency. With our assistance, you can focus on your core business while ensuring your team is compensated promptly and accurately.



Study and Live Abroad Icon

Language Studies 

Many candidates come to us with basic English knowledge realizing that working in an international hospitality environment requires fluency in English. These candidates are excited to improve their English level or fluency to achieve their career goals, and we are excited to help them do just that! 

Studying English as a second language in your own country may take a long time, and immersing in an English-speaking environment may be the best time and money investment in your international hospitality career. We offer English and French courses in Canada and Spanish in Spain or Latin America.  

Let us know if you'd like to learn more. We can help you with your application with one of the best language schools, help you find the proper housing, help you apply for your Visa, help you get from the airport to your new temporary home, and more! 

Secondary Education: 6000+ colleges and universities in Canada, UK, USA, Australia, Ireland, and growing.

Many crew members can save money while working onboard, and later on, they desire to study and live abroad. We offer a variety of graduation and post-graduation options from which to choose! We can help you choose the next right step for your career! If you want to learn more about studying abroad, ask us for a free 30-minute consultation through the form below.


Immigration Services 

Canada welcomes hard-working people from all countries around the world. We have some industries with high demand for professionals. Those seeking immigration who speak English and have professional experience may qualify to immigrate and start a new life in Canada. 

We offer Consultation Services to analyze your case and see if immigrating to Canada suits you and your family. If you want to learn more, ask us for a free 30-minute consultation through the form below. We will pair you up with an Immigration Lawyer or Consultant to assist you with moving to Canada!




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