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Fabiana Estrela - Cast-A-Way Photo

Fabiana Estrela was born in Sao Paulo (Brazil) but has lived close to London (Ontario, Canada) since 2008. She is fluent in Portuguese, English and Spanish, and she has some knowledge of Italian and French. She carries a Bachelor's Degree in Communications, post grads in Business with majors in Hospitality and Tourism, International Business, and Human Resources Management. Over the past thirty years, she has acquired experience in key account management, media, entertainment events, marketing, market research, hospitality training and coaching, international business development and recruitment. She is Cast-A-Way's MLC (Maritime Labour Convention) certified auditor and HR Director- Global Operations. 

Cindy Segal  - Cast-A-Way Photo

Cindy Segal was born in Montreal, Canada. She was introduced to Cast-A-Way in 1998. After backpacking in thirty-eight countries and spending some time working on ships, Cindy joined the Cast-A-Way family in 2014. 


Nicola Barton  - Cast-A-Way Photo

Nicola Barton

Sr. Global Recruitment Manager | Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, UK  

Entertainment Expert


Nicola began her adventure on cruise ships with Disney Cruise Line in 2001. After two contracts and being moved into a management position, she expanded her cruise industry knowledge by joining Carnival Cruise Line. Nicola joined the Cast-A-Way team in 2006, and after two years of experience recruiting in Canada, Nicola started Cast-A-Way Australia and New Zealand.

Kathy Huang  - Cast-A-Way Photo

Kathy Huang

Sr. Placement Consultant

Spa Expert


Kathy started her career onboard as a seasonal youth staff on Princess Cruises. She spent the next ten years working on Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruises as Spa Manager, managing teams of 10-50 staff. After traveling worldwide, Kathy settled in Vancouver, Canada, where she grew up. Kathy joined the Cast-A-Way family in 2014. Kathy is fluent in English and Mandarin.

Patricia Zamalloa de Petrovic  - Cast-A-Way Photo

Patricia Zamalloa de Petrovic

Sr. Global Placement Consultant

Bar Expert

Patricia lives in Peru, and she is fluent in English and Spanish. She has worked for the cruising industry for 16 years and worked her way up to Bar Manager, having passed through different positions and achieved outstanding sales targets. Patricia is very excited to be a part of the Cast-A-Way family to help others have the wonderful experience of being part of the cruising industry. 

Grace Martinez  - Cast-A-Way Photo

Grace Martinez

Sr. Global Recruitment Manager

Medical Expert


Grace is from Lima, Peru. She is fluent in Spanish, English and Italian. She has worked for the cruising industry for seven years and worked her way up to Team Head Waitress. After she retired, she got a BA in Business Administration and Hotel Management; she worked for five years with a leading global airline and a telecommunications company. Grace has been with the Cast-A-Way family since 2018. 

Fidela Werner  - Cast-A-Way Photo

Fidela Werner

Sr. Placement Consultant | USA

Entertainment Expert

Fidela lives in Nashville, USA. Her background is in the Performing Arts, and she received her BFA Degree in Theatre at Brooklyn College in New York City. During her time in New York, she was privileged to have a fulfilling career acting, stage managing, directing an Off-Broadway Show, and assisting a Broadway Producer with various productions, including the Tony Award Winning Production "Once." In 2014 she started her shiplife career as Entertainment Staff; she was quickly promoted to Media Manager.  

David Garcia  - Cast-A-Way Photo

David Garcia

Sr. Placement Consultant | Europe

Entertainment Expert

David comes from the coastal city of Alicante in Spain. He started his career at sea in 2005 when he joined Royal Caribbean and has worked his way up in the Entertainment department to become a Cruise Director. He also worked as Shorex Assistant Manager. He has worked in lines such as Princess Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Pullmantur, lberocruceros, Cruise and Maritime Voyages and MSC. During all this time, he has visited over a hundred countries and wishes to help other people to join life at sea on cruise ships, the best job in the world. He joined the Cast-A-Way team in 2022. 

Makayla Nevey  - Cast-A-Way Photo

Makayla Nevey

Placement Consultant | UK
Retail Expert 

Makayla has a highly successful sales background with over ten years of cruise ship experience. Makayla started her cruise ship career in the Onboard Spa on the Grand Princess. She then moved to the onboard luxury boutiques, working her way up from boutique assistant to Jewelry Specialist, Brand Ambassador and Retail Manager. Makayla is from Kidderminster, a small town in England. She says the best part about being a part of the Cast-A-Way team is helping people fulfill their dreams and sharing her experiences. 

Thabi Mabille  - Cast-A-Way Photo

Thabi Mabille

Recruitment Manager | Zimbabwe
Chef & Concierge Expert

Thabi is from Mafikeng, South Africa. She is the Manager of Operations for Africa, focusing on recruitment strategies and partnerships, business development and positioning the brand on the African continent. She has a Hospitality Management background plus eighteen years of experience in the hospitality and banking industries. Thabi worked for Disney Cruise Line as an Assistant Server, Guest Services Associate, and Concierge. She joined the Cast-A-Way team in late 2021, and it's been a fulfilling venture. 

Mapule Lebotse  - Cast-A-Way Photo

Mapule Lebotse

Sr. Placement Consultant | South Africa

Shorex Expert

Mapule is from Johannesburg, South Africa. She is a highly accomplished former Shore Excursions Specialist with great sales and operations management expertise. She brings eight years of experience working at sea as a Fitness Trainer and in Tour Operations for Carnival Cruise Line and Regent Seven Seas Cruises. She also was part of the original opening team for Virgin Voyages, Scarlet Lady. Working at sea has taken her career global. She is the On boarding Manager for Africa. Mapule is thrilled to be part of the Cast-A-Way family, sourcing top African candidates for our top clients. 

Chido Chitsike  - Cast-A-Way Photo

Chido Chistike

Placement Consultant | Zimbabwe
Spa Expert 

Chido graduated Beauty College and pursued her passion to work on board. She worked with the On board Spa for five contracts before returning home and setting up a Beauty School to give other young Zimbabweans a chance to experience what she experienced on board ships. She worked on land for five-star hotels such as the Ritz Carlton. 

Sanjeev Rughoober  - Cast-A-Way Photo

Sanjeev Rughoober

Recruitment Manager | Mauritius
Bar Expert

Sanjeev is from Riviere du Rempart Square, Mauritius. He started with Costa Cruise Line, where he completed fifteen contracts. He is fluent in English, French and Italian. He joined Cast-A-Way to help people pursue their dreams onboard. 

Snovia Russell-Campbell  - Cast-A-Way Photo

Snovia Campbell

Placement Consultant | Jamaica
Travel Expert

Snovia has a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and years of experience in Customer Service. She pioneered recruitment of Jamaican talent for the cruising industry. Through our office in Jamaica, we spread our "wings" throughout all the Caribbean islands and have assisted our clients with diverse and hard-working crew members who speak English, Spanish and French.

Daytona Coombs  - Cast-A-Way Photo

Daytona Coombs

Placement Consultant | Jamaica

Daytona is from Jamaica. She makes education her top priority. She obtained her Tourism Management Diploma from Northern Caribbean University. Her outgoing personality, ambition and determination positively impacts everyone she comes across. She is one of the newest members of the Cast-A-Way team, supporting our recruitment efforts in Jamaica and the Caribbean islands. 

I Dewa Gede Mahendradata (Dewa)  - Cast-A-Way Photo

I Gede (DEWA) Mahendradata

Recruitment Manager | Indonesia 
Galley Expert

Dewa is from Bali, Indonesia. He started his hospitality career working for three years in a hotel as an assistant cook in Bali. In 2007 he started his first contract onboard as a Galley Steward and worked his way up to Galley Supervisor. In 2015 he continued his career working for a hotel restaurant in Bali until he started working with hospitality recruitment in 2016. With his experience, Dewa was excited to join the Cast-A-Way family in 2022, hoping to help many people have the wonderful experience of working on cruise ships as he did. 

Ni Wayan Senitiasih (Seni)  - Cast-A-Way Photo

Ni Wayan (SENI) Senitiasih

Sr. Placement Consultant | Indonesia

Seni is from Bali, Indonesia. She started her career in the hospitality industry as a waitress and worked for over five years at Canggu Club Bali (now known as Finns Recreation Club). From 2014 to 2018, she continued her studies at Mahasaraswati University, majoring Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (English Department). She taught English at one of Bali's hotel and cruise line Training Centers during her studies. She has been a recruiter in the hospitality industry since 2019. Seni was super excited to join the Cast-A-Way family to help others achieve their dream jobs. 

I Wayan Eka Satrya Dana (Dana)  - Cast-A-Way Photo

I Wayan Eka Satrya (DANA)

Sr. Placement Consultant | Indonesia

Dana is from Bali, Indonesia. In 2003 he started his career in the hospitality industry as a trainee and worked his way up as a staff in a few hotels and restaurants in Bali. In 2006 Dana decided to expand his experience to work on board cruise ships. After seven years on board, he returned to Bali to manage a few restaurants as an Operations Manager. Dana joined the Cast-A-Way family to help others build their careers onboard as he once did. 

Haris Wirawan  - Cast-A-Way Photo

Haris Wirawan

Onboarding Coordinator | Indonesia

Born in Lombok (the island next to Bali), Haris graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English Education. Haris has excellent administrative skills to bring organization to the team! Haris was excited to join the Cast-A-Way team to help many people obtain their onboarding documents before joining their first ship!

Hasbiallah Haris, S.Pd  - Cast-A-Way Photo

Hasbiallah Haris, S.Pd.

Placement Consultant | Indonesia

Aby was born in Sukamulia, East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. He started his career in the hospitality industry as a Recruitment Consultant in 2016. He studied at Nahdlatul Wathan Mataram University, majoring in the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (English Department). He also had experience in Public Relations. Aby was excited to join the Cast-A-Way family to help many people find their dream jobs onboard Luxury Cruise Ships or in the hospitality industry.

Fabiana Baltazar  - Cast-A-Way Photo

Fabiana Baltazar

HR & Management Sr. Recruiter
Casting | Performers Expert

Fabiana Baltazar is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in HR & Management as a Sr. Recruiter. She is a specialist in Casting - Performers Expert. Throughout her career, she has honed her skills and developed a deep understanding of the recruitment industry, helping companies find and hire top talent. Her expertise in Casting has allowed her to successfully match performers with roles that showcase their skills and bring out their best.

Megan Deam  - Cast-A-Way Photo

Megan Deam

Sr. Placement Consultant

Megan has been in the hospitality industry for over 20 years. She started her career in 2002 as a Youth Counselor working on board Disney Cruise Line, leading to over ten years of experience in Operations and Project Management working out of the Corporate office. Most recently, Megan was working in Talent Acquisition for The Walt Disney Company, hiring for various corporate roles, including Corporate Aviation, Real Estate, and Brand Marking. Megan is very excited to be a part of the Cast-A-Way family to give others a life-changing experience working in the cruise line industry. She loves headhunting!

Jessica Atar  - Cast-A-Way Photo

Jessica Atar

Placement Consultant

Jessica has joined the Cast-A-Way family after an exciting career in Entertainment. She has been lucky to call five Luxury Cruise Ships and four International Resorts home, working 
for companies such as Disney Cruise Line, Holland America Line, and Club Med. Jessica has traveled to forty-six countries and held positions including Stage & Cast Manager (Theatre), Stage Manager (ship-wide events), Onboard Spa Fitness Specialist, Youth Activities Entertainment Host, Teen Host, and Choreographer (Club Med). After meeting her Prince Charming on board, she is raising a family in Queensland, Australia. Jessica is thrilled to fulfill her long-time dream of working in global recruitment by sourcing the best talent for some amazing opportunities.


Claudia Fagundes  - Cast-A-Way Photo

Claudia Fagundes

Logistics Coordinator

Claudia Fagundes is from Sao Paulo, Brazil but moved to Canada in 2016 to improve her logistics and supply chain management knowledge. Her passion as an “out of the box thinker” made this Geographer work in different fields, from GIS (Geographical Information System) to Supply Chain in Health Care. In 2022 she was invited to put her diverse experience at Cast-A-Way services and push the flow of its logistics onboarding operations. This traveler lover has crossed Canada from the Pacific to the Atlantic coast by land and, in 2020, fixed residence in Ontario. She hopes she can soon add a ship trip to her traveling experiences. But for now, she gets thrilled when the new hires receive their LOEs and can help them get on board.

Luciene Barisson  - Cast-A-Way Photo

Luciene Barisson

Finance Administrator | Special Projects

Luciene Barisson was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and has a degree in Engineering. She speaks Portuguese and English and lived in London, Ontario, Canada, from 2011 to 2013. Luciene currently lives in Brazil and supports the Cast-A-Way Finance and Admin teams.


Jucirene (Juci) Cassa  - Cast-A-Way Photo
Alessandra Santos.png

Alessandra Santos

Onboarding Staff

Gabriela Moreira  - Cast-A-Way Photo

Gabrielle Moreira

Onboarding Staff

Jucirene Cassa

Onboarding Coordinator

Jucirene is from Belo Horizonte (Brazil). She is fluent in English and Portuguese. In 2015 she was a Human Resouces Assistant who decided to expand her horizons by exploring shiplife. She loved the benefits of working in the Restaurant Department, such as self-development, financial stability, learning about different cultures, and traveling worldwide. She joined the Cast-A-Way family in 2018 and is presently the Onboarding Coordinator. 

Marcia de Oliveira Bonifacio  - Cast-A-Way Photo

Márcia de Oliveira Bonifácio

Onboarding Staff

Herbert Fonseca  - Cast-A-Way Photo

Herbert Fonseca

Onboarding Staff

Rosirene de Oliveira Bonifácio  - Cast-A-Way Photo

Rosirene de Oliveira Bonifácio

Onboarding Staff

Tatiane Borges  - Cast-A-Way Photo

Tatiane Borges

Onboarding Staff

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