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NCL increases supply and will have 2 ships in the South America season in 2023/2024

April 03, 2023

Estela Farina, director of NCL Brazil

SÃO PAULO – The NCL has confirmed an even bigger season for South America in 2023/2024. With the success of this first season in the region, the shipowner returns at the end of the year with two ships, Norwegian Star and Norwegian Sun. The company is even increasing the offer of itineraries and options for the next season and presented the news on this first day of WTM-LA 2023.

“The next season in South America is even better, with two ships: the Star, which will sail through Patagonia in December, and Antarctica in January and February. Also in the first two months of the year, Norwegian Sun arrives in the region to complement the offer and carry out itineraries through Patagonia. We've had a lot of success this season and we're expanding for the next one,” said Estela Farina, director of NCL in Brazil.

The crossing, according to her, was also very popular. “Another thing that positively surprised us was that our crossing, which left Rio de Janeiro for Barcelona, was very sought after, with good results and we have already started to receive reservations for the opposite route, returning from Lisbon to Rio at the end of the year ”, added the executive.

VIVA – Norwegian will also see new products launch this year, with the opening of Norwegian Viva in August. The ship will start with itineraries in Europe and in our summer season, it will carry out itineraries in the Southern Caribbean.

GREEK ISLANDS – According to Farina, routes through Europe have been highly sought after by the Brazilian market – specifically in the Greek islands, where the shipowner has an important offer. “In addition to the Greek islands, the Mediterranean has also attracted the attention of the Brazilian public. Prima, our most recent product, has toured Iceland and England and has seen significant demand,” she concluded.



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