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Exploring Excellence: Cast-A-Way Partners with the South African Sommelier Association

August 22, 2023

In a magnificent union of luxury and expertise, Cast-A-Way has joined hands with the South African Sommelier Association, embarking on a journey that promises to elevate the fine dining and hospitality experience to new heights. This collaboration brings together two powerhouses in their respective domains, creating a synergy that is set to redefine indulgence for travelers and enthusiasts alike.

South African Sommelier Association

Cast-A-Way Africa Cruise & Resort Hiring Agency is excited to announce its exclusive collaboration with the South African Sommeliers Association (SASA). This partnership marks a significant step forward in our commitment to fostering excellence and growth in the cruise and resort industry throughout Africa.

SASA, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the sommelier profession, has chosen Cast-A-Way Africa as its partner to expand horizons and create meaningful employment pathways for its members within our industry. With a shared vision of raising standards and providing unparalleled support, this collaboration is poised to make a remarkable impact.

Cast-A-Way Africa is a prominent recruitment agency with an extensive network and a solid reputation for placing talented individuals in a variety of roles, ranging from entry-level positions to leadership roles, across the cruise and resort sector. Our agency boasts strong affiliations with some of the most esteemed cruise lines and resorts globally.

Through this dynamic partnership, SASA members will gain access to exclusive job opportunities offered by our esteemed partner cruise lines and resorts. We are proud to offer personalized career guidance and counseling to each SASA member, ensuring that their skills and aspirations align seamlessly with the positions available. This tailored approach will pave the way for fulfilling career placements.

Spencer Fondaumiere, Chairperson of SASA, expressed the association's enthusiasm, stating, "We are excited to partner with Cast-A-Way Africa and provide our members with access to a wider range of career opportunities. This partnership will not only benefit our members, but it will also strengthen the sommelier profession in South Africa by expanding its reach to the cruise and resort industry."

At Cast-A-Way Africa, we believe that partnerships like this are instrumental in shaping the future of the cruise and resort sector. We are committed to nurturing talent, fostering professional growth, and propelling the industry to new heights of excellence. As we embark on this journey with SASA, we're not just building careers – we're building legacies.


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